Fast Track

Fast Track

How would you like to go to Scout Summer Camp as often as you’d like? At Scouting’s Camp Geronimo you can do just that!

Presented by the Grand Canyon Council, the Fast Track program is what some folks call “provisional scouting” meaning that you can attend any week at summer camp (based on availability) on your own. This is ideal for a scout who doesn’t have a troop going to camp, or is planning to be at camp with his or her own troop for a week, but wants to add more weeks of scouting camp.

We will match you up with other Fast Track scouts, in a special Fast Track troop in camp, or have you be hosted by another Troop. Either way it’s a great way to enjoy all of the camp activities, fulfill your rank requirements, and complete merit badges – for multiple weeks!

Our Fast Track program is ideal for that “Super Scout” who is looking for a better way to move along the trail to Eagle Scout! Scout or non-scout, the “Fast Track” program allows anyone to join in on the Camp Geronimo experience without limits. This means you can participate in any activity you want as much as you want. Horseback riding, hiking or shooting, experience Camp Geronimo to the fullest!

Program Goals

  • Provide opportunities to Scouts, or non-Scouts, who would like to attend Camp Geronimo for a week without their Troop! This program allows participants to pursue merit badges, awards, or advancements on their own time based on their own interest.  

Fast Track for the future Eagle Scout

For Scouts looking to earn more merit badges while enjoying our traditional summer program for extra weeks, join us for the traditional merit badge program, Base Camp!

Fast Track for the Outdoorsman

For Scouts aged 13 and older, join us for Fish Camp!

Fast Track for the Adventure Seeker

For Scouts aged 13 and older, join us for the Spade Ranch High Adventure!

An Example Week in Fast Track in the Merit Badge Program


  • Sunday: Opening Campfire
    An opening campfire program will be held Sunday night at the campfire circle above the swimming pool. This program will be provided by the camp staff for your entertainment and enjoyment. Line up by 7:15pm! Campsites 1-15 line up at the Trading Post. Campsites 16-29 line up at the Outdoor Skills Area. Both groups will be led to the campfire site by the
    Order of the Arrow.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday Morning: Polar Bear Swim
    The Polar Bear Swim will be held Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 5:15am to 6:00am. Segments will be awarded to those who complete at least one Polar Bear swim.
  • Thursday: Listen to the Legend
    The Legend of the Mogollon Monster is told by the Storyteller on Thursday evening at the Spade Ranch House at 7:30pm. Camp chairs are suggested due to limited seating. Snacks are sold at Gatehouse before and after story.
  • Friday: Tenderfoot Run
    On Friday at 5:15am those who like to run, jog, or walk can attempt the run from the entrance gate at Shooting Sports back to the entrance gate at Shooting Sports. See map in site book. This will be a self-led activity. Segments will be awarded for completion of the course.
  • Friday: Mighty Mogi Challenge
    On Friday afternoon a camp-wide competition will take place between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. Starting at the Campfire Ring, a list of events will be given to each individual patrol and will consist of competitions at select program areas. Awards will be
    presented to patrols who complete the events. The awards ceremony will be held at the pool, prior to the grand finale. At the conclusion of the Mighty Mogi Challenge, the Scoutmaster Splash contest will be held at the pool at 4:30pm. Scoutmasters are encouraged to dress up and compete for the largest splash. (Appropriate costumes please.)
  • Camp Geronimo Geocaches
    Try one of the various Geocaches we have available at camp. See the Outdoor Skills Staff to get a coordinates sheet. We have several GPS units available for you to check out. If you have an issue with a cache, please come back and see the Outdoor Skills Staff for guidance. Once you complete the geocache, a segment is available for purchase at the Trading Post.
  • “I Did It All At Camp Geronimo”
    When you get to camp, we will give each of the leaders and Scouts a score card that lists activities to do at Geronimo, and if you do it ALL— and we mean ALL — then we will give you a cool “I DID IT ALL!” segment. I did it all is a challenge to participate in the essential activities at camp. Pick-up extra “I DID IT ALL” cards at Headquarters “I DID IT ALL” is for Youth and Adults. “I DID ENOUGH” is only for adults.
  • General Assemblies / Flag Ceremonies
    One of the great camp traditions at Camp Geronimo is the camp-wide General Assembly/Flag Ceremony. These assemblies will be your opportunity to show off your troop spirit by looking sharp in full uniform and by creating spirit yells while you are waiting for the assembly to begin. General announcements will also take place at that time.
    Troops will be given the opportunity to lead the morning and evening flag ceremony. Flags are mandatory for non-KP duty units. Please wear your full field uniform for camp-wide evening ceremonies.

Merit Badges at Camp Geronimo

Summer camp has traditionally been viewed as a convenient place where Scouts can earn several merit badges in a short amount of time. During their week at camp, Scouts will grow mentally, physically, and spiritually as they interact with their peers in a safe and positive environment that revolves around recreational swimming, hiking, shooting, campfires, and games. Though advancement is still integral to your summer camp experience, we encourage and offer opportunities for much more than organized lessons.

All badges will be taught based on the requirements found in the most recent edition of the BSA’s requirement book. Please check to make sure your merit badge books contain the same requirements. Units seeking to take a merit badge must pre-register Online through the registration system for our morning merit badge classes. It is the responsibility of each Scout to choose and prepare for each merit badge that they wish to take in advance of their week at camp. Prerequisites exist for many of the badges and are outlined in this guide. To prevent partials, please make sure your Scouts come to camp with these prerequisites completed and appropriate proof of completion (i.e. examples of their work or a note from their Scoutmaster). To ensure quality and safe instruction, class sizes are limited according to the number of instructors, equipment, and other factors. Our merit badges are tracked Online through the registration system. You do not need to bring blue cards with you. You will receive an electronic printout of the merit badges your Scouts have completed or not completed when you check out. You will receive instructions in your checkout packet prior to leaving camp regarding how to print your blue cards.

How do Scouts sign up for Merit Badges?: Units will sign their Scouts up for badges using the
Online registration system. Units will receive an email prior to the April 15th merit badge system launch. Instructions will be provided regarding merit badge registration.