Base Camp

Base Camp at Camp Geronimo

Base Camp at Camp Geronimo is the main Scout Camp experience for any Scout who needs a merit badge. Scouts can select several merit badges to earn while at camp. A typical schedule puts them in merit badge classes that require attendance every day of the week, some classes take up two hours instead of one.

Registering for Camp: Troop or Fast Track

Traditionally Scouts attend camp with a Scout Troop, but you can also attend camp on your own as part of our Camp Geronimo Fast Track program. This is perfect for the Scout who has a troop that is not going to camp, but they want to get to summer camp. Fast Track is also a great way for a scout to get an extra week of camping, or more weeks, over the summer. More friends, more fun, more merit badges. Fast Track is a great way to go!

New in 2022

    With an exciting and diverse merit badge schedule, there’s something for everyone at Geronimo! New offerings include:
    • Animal Science 
    • Archaeology 
    • Art
    • Camping 
    • Chess
    • Game Design 
    • Insect Study 
    • Public Health 
    • Search & Rescue 
    • Space Exploration

    Summer Camp has always been about more than advancement, and many of our Scouts’ best memories come from experiences outside of merit badge classes. Because of that, we are excited to bring back open programming in the afternoon. Every day, Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in:
    • Open Boating 
    • Open Climbing 
    • Open Handicraft 
    • Open Nature 
    • Open Shooting 
    • Open Swimming 
    Every afternoon, each of our program areas will provide a unique one-day-only experience for your Scouts, in addition to our standard open programs. Some examples of premier programs we may offer include:
    • Tie-Dye Tuesday at Handicraft
    • Geocaching Scavenger Hunt at Outdoor Skills
    • Disc Golfing Championship hosted by the Commissioners 
    • Not Your Normal Science Fair at Nature 
    • Sporting Arrows at Archery 

    Even with a multitude of exciting open and premiere programs, we know that some Scouts show up to camp hoping to knock out as many merit badges as possible. Because of that, we are still offering some merit badge opportunities in the afternoon.

    First, at Handicraft, we have moved all Basketry, Leatherworking, and Wood Carving merit badges to the afternoon. With this new model, your Scouts don’t even need to sign up for these badges ahead of time! All they need to do is attend an hour-long classroom session on Monday afternoon, where they will learn the safety and basic techniques associated with each badge, and then they can work on their projects at their own pace throughout the week!

    Second, we will also be offering a single afternoon session of both Environmental Science and Cooking merit badges. These class periods are designed for older-Scouts who may still be several merit badges away from Eagle. While we will place no restrictions on who can sign up for these badges (outside of typical class size restrictions), we ask that you encourage your younger Scouts to experience everything else camp has to offer before taking these badges.

    Even with more than 135 different merit badges, there are still a few things that we think your Scouts need to learn to be prepared for life. Because of this, we have created a few awards unique to Geronimo that go into a little more detail about topics we as a staff think are important. This year’s Geronibadge offerings will include:
    • Invasive Species 
    • Over-The-Counter Medicine
    • Safe Food Handling
    • Trail Maintenance 

Evening Programs 

    Welcome to camp! The opening campfire will be held at the campfire ring above the swimming pool. Please line up at your assigned area by 7:50 PM. Campsites 1 – 15 line up at the Trading Post. Campsites 16 – 29 line up at the Outdoor Skills area. Both groups will be led to the campfire site by the Order of the Arrow.

    Learn more about the wildlife and nature here at Camp Geronimo during an exciting and interactive show hosted by our staff! Ever wanted to see a snake feeding? This is your chance!

    Join us as Wipala Wiki Lodge honors those chosen by their peers to join the Order of the Arrow.

    Are we halfway through the week already? Take some time to bring your unit together and celebrate another great summer at Geronimo. Want to make the evening more memorable? Invite some other units or even your favorite staff to join you!

    Join us at the Spade Ranch House for the Mogollon Bash, featuring a telling of the classic Mogollon Monster story and some new surprises that we don’t want to spoil yet!
    Return to the campfire ring as we celebrate a great week and recognize those that went above and beyond during their time at Camp Geronimo.

Merit Badges at Camp Geronimo

All badges will be taught based on the require-ments found in the most recent edition of the BSA’s requirement book. Please check to make sure your merit badge books contain the same requirements. Units seeking to take a merit badge must pre-register online through the registration system for our morning merit badge classes.

It is the responsibility of each Scout to choose and prepare for each merit badge that they wish to take in advance of their week at camp. Pre-requisites exist for many of the badges and are outlined in this guide. To prevent partials, please make sure your Scouts come to camp with these prerequisites completed and appropriate proof of completion (i.e. examples of their work or a note from their Scoutmaster). To ensure quality and safe instruction, class sizes are limited according to the number of instructors, equipment, and other factors. Our merit badges are tracked online through the registration system. You do not need to bring blue cards with you. You will receive an electronic printout of the merit badges your Scouts have completed or not completed when you check out. You will receive instructions in your checkout packet prior to leaving camp regarding how to print your blue cards and upload the data into Scoutbook.

How do Scouts sign up for Merit Badges?: Units will sign their Scouts up for badges using the Black Pug online registration system. Units will receive an email prior to the April 15th merit badge system launch. Instructions will be provided regarding merit badge registration.

Click here to register.